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Being a Kent Wedding Photographer is easily the best job in the world. I get to share the most amazing day with all my couples, photographing the joy, laughter and craziness that goes on! My aim is to completely immerse myself in your day, and capture all the moments that will be missed by most, and happen off the cuff – a complete honest and documentary approach with a whole load of fun and awesome put into the mix. Storytelling is extremely important to me, I love to get involved in the action, whilst staying inconspicuous, and relaxed so you can have the best possible time. I don’t leave after first dance, or have set timings. I genuinely love what I do, so I do everything I can to ensure you are in love with your photos from your big day, which means unlimited coverage so we can catch those crazy dance moves and Nan busting the YMCA! 

I don’t just photograph weddings in Kent, I also love to travel and will go wherever this crazy adventure takes me – So if you are planning to get married nearby or a destination wedding, I am always ready to go, passport in hand!

Below is small snippet of my work over the past couple of years, take a look around my little corner of the internet and if you like what I do, and what you see then just get in touch with me via my contact form!

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