The [BFG] Workshop.

After 6 years of shooting weddings, I have finally decided to share some useful tips and tricks into how I shoot weddings, and my couples. I am running this workshop to bring a super helpful and tangible outlook, guaranteed to add value to your business and help you provide your couples with your vision.

I want it to be interactive so you can get involved and have your say in what you want to know, wether it be portraits, moments, the wedding day itself or the business and admin side of things.

I want to provide all the attendees with a real sense of what is possible, and super quick and simple tips which will make all the difference to their business. This isn’t going to be a workshop with lots of points that really don’t matter, it is going to be insightful info that can actually change your business for the better and how you work, with a wealth of knowledge and experience to back it up.

I’m really excited that I will be having Jonny MP join me for a specialist guest slot on all things branding and marketing!

Jonny spent 10 years at leading London ad agencies, and at marketing giant Coca-Cola as GB Digital Marketing Manager, before creating his very own photography business from scratch 7 years ago which has seen him go on to shoot over 250 weddings with a vibrant, and emotive, photography style that has gained him many fans.

His background brings a very unique set of experience to the table for us to learn from and his enthusiasm for this subject will leave you inspired and full of ideas to propel your business forward.

Just a few things that will be covered are:

  • How to shoot the wedding day efficiently, with a whole load of energy. ( Booking couples even on the job! )
  • Why you SHOULDN’T be the wedding photographer, and more the guest.
  • How get get your couple’s trust and hyped, so you can make the magic you want.
  • Editing – Spending the time makes all the difference.
  • Meeting and booking clients, 100% of the time.
  • Brochure and client pathway, making it do all the work for you.
  • When to break the rules.
  • Marketing your business for the couples you want to shoot.
  • How to make killer portraits every single time that will wow your couples.
  • Day to day time savers – Automation, Tech chat and more.

All this and TONS more, what works for me every time and makes my business thrive even in the busy periods.

Jonny will bring a view on:

  • What is brand and why even small businesses need one
  • How to fully book your diary without spending a penny on advertising
  • Understanding different media types
  • Common mistakes photographers make with marketing
  • Why marketing is far more than a Facebook advert

Who is this aimed at: EVERYONE! Wether you are brand new to the wedding industry, or well experienced, this is a workshop which will suit everyones needs. The idea is to give tangible points that you can actually take away and use straight away plus Jonny will be dropping some serious marketing bombs too!

Sounds perfect, how much?  £200 EARLYBIRD PRICE for the 1st week of sale, £250 after that so get in early.

The tickets are limited to 15 spaces and include copious coffees/teas and refreshments.

When and Where? Sunset Studios, Peckham, April 26th 2019, 10-5.

To book your place just fill out the form below and you will be emailed with details on how to make the deposit!

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