You have probably just started looking at photographers and realised it is a bit of a minefield! For me, I just bloody love to shoot weddings. I love the excitement and chaos that comes with the day, and the love that fills the day when two people tie the knot!

I follow the flow of the day, being as unobtrusive as possible, whilst still being fun to be around and getting involved when I need to. You should feel completely comfortable to have your wedding day be exactly how you want it and that, for me, is everything. When you are relaxed and happy, the photos are even better.

My role is to make beautiful images of your day and your role is to have the best time ever!


Bridal and groom prep is important, as it starts the story of the day. If you are chilling with the besties, sipping champagne , then I want to be there taking snaps of you guys having a great time. I usually arrive around 2-3 hours before the ceremony. If you book a second shooter, you’ll also have groom prep covered.

The ceremony for me is probably one of my favourite points of the day. You guys see each other for the first time, which is always a mega emotional moment! I am usually at the front tucked away and stealthy, so you can be present in the moment and marry your best friend! Let’s be honest, the ceremony is what the whole day is about!

Group shots should be a fun time, having a laugh with your closest friends and family and making some beautiful memories to last a lifetime. I usually suggest 10-15 group shots, and we can smash these out in no more than 15 minutes!

I know that capturing stunning couple portraits is so important for most couples. I’ll pick quiet times during the day, to take you both to shoot some beautiful photos, so that you don’t miss any of the magic of your wedding. Couples often tell me this is one of their favourite moments of the day, when they have five minutes of calm together to enjoy that “just married feeling”.

All day coverage means I am there for the whole shindig! So when you are getting down with your friends, I am going to be there capturing all those drunk dance moves. After all, it doesn’t just end after the first dance!

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