bev & Dom

Kentish marquee and outdoor ceremony wedding at Hayne House!

Last summer I joined this amazing couple for their special Kent wedding at Hayne House in Saltwood, Kent. It was such a beautiful, hot day in Kent, unlike the rainy and icy January we have been having! I met Bev and Dom a while before the big day and knew when I met them, they would be incredibly fun and laid back.

Hayne house is a great place to tie the knot! I personally just loved the whole atmosphere of the day. Dom was really emotionally and wasn’t afraid to show his love for Bev and visa versa, but amongst all this was crazy dancing, lots of lawn games and fun group shots. The images speak for themselves, and hopefully show off the wedding to be exactly what it was!

P.s to all future clients, buy a double XL Colin the caterpillar cake for your wedding cake. DO IT! Its soooo good!


These photos are beautiful! seem to be the perfect.