Lauren and Gwilym

Christmas wedding at Elmore court?! Yes please!

Happy new year! It’s been a hectic couple of months here at HQ; working on new website/brand ideas and still finding the time to rip up bathrooms and making bits for the house. Anyways enough about me, I’m here to tell you a bit about these two lovebirds from the big apple! That’s right, Lauren and Gwilym did the 3,459 mi trip to dance on some chairs and drink jäger bombs in the Cotswolds! Just kidding, they only had the most amazing wedding evs, and it all went down at the lush Elmore Court. You may think leaving a city that’s incredible around Christmas time to get married in unpredictable England is a bit of an oddball move, but I’m so so soooo chuffed the weather played ball for these two! We caught some of that sweet winter light and it’s all here for you guys to see in a little bit of Lauren and Gwilym’s Elmore Court Wedding.

Lets get one thing straight though, no matter how hard I try, I wont be able to use words to tell you how awesome this Cotswolds wedding was! You’ll have to take my word for it!

It was my first time working with Sama, from Utterly wow, and she is one hell of a wedding planner. Had a great laugh with her and she is da mannnnn! Well woman, but you get the point! Lauren wore an incredible dress from Officina di Cucitura, detail in that!

I knew this would be a belter, but it exceeded all my expectations and was off the charts good! What a ridiculously good way to end 2020, Lauren and gwilym, you are actual legends! Two of the nicest people ever, thanks for having me! Enjoy x