A wonderful summer DIY tipi wedding set at Ellie’s parents home in the Kentish countryside. This day was absolutely amazing, such a great relaxed day with so much going on. It had the most perfect ceremony setting, with their closest friends and family surrounding them on hay bales whilst they got married by Ellie’s family friend. 

There was no real time line to this Kent wedding which was so refreshing, as it allowed the guests to mingle and chat, drink and eat in the sunshine. One key thing Ellie mentioned early one was the dogs, she LOVEs her dogs! These were MainStage in a lot of my photos ha! And she also said she just wanted everyone to have fun! – my kinda wedding!

The guys from Beetle Juice cocktails rocked up and started making espresso martinis for the wedding. This is a MUST for every wedding now. SO so good! P.s. Look how cool Kaspa looks in that first photo! 

To summarise, the whole day was epic! Super laid back, chilled and good ol’ time!!! Thanks for having me guys!