emma & Pat

Bowood House wedding with a rustic marquee reception!

I joined this lovely couple for their Bowood House wedding in September of last year. It was just the perfect day, I had already met them at Sam and Ed’s Nettlestead Place wedding the year before and knew they were hilariously funny and a chilled out couple! I was SO excited for their day.

What made it so special was the reception as at Pat’s childhood home which was just grand on another level! The house had so much as far as grounds go, with little corners and nooks everywhere. The weather was perfect, and the guests were all super fun. Fish and chips for dinner; yes! Always gets my vote.  And that car…PHWOAR!

What I loved the most was the fact that it felt like one big celebration and everyone just had the best time! Hopefully the photos just just how it was…AMAZING! Thanks for having me guys!!