Best of 2021

2021 - you little beauty!

Guess who’s back with another round up of their fav’ images, it’s al!

What a bloody year!!! Finally, weddings came back and with a bang! Parties like no other, and couples celebrating getting married with the biggest grin on their faces! I started my year off back in April with just 15 people weddings which soon grew to those bigger weddings, all the same level of energy and love at all!

2021 was actually a very challenging year personally for me, so I loved going to weddings and spending it with my incredible couples and their friends and family, and being able to get away from the C-word for just a day, was an absolute joy at times! Huge massive gigantic shootout to all my couples for being absolute legends – some of you having to postpone to 2021 for your third or fourth time, dealing with all your suppliers, Boris’ announcements, covid testing etc…you smashed it and so pleased we could capture those photos for you!!!

22’ is set to be the biggest year ever, not only with weddings, but I am becoming a Dad! Wish me luck, hope you love this little capsule of 21’! See you in 22’, oh wait, I am a bit late to the party! 😉