Best of 2017! – Kent Wedding Photographer.



What a year.

Easily the most crazy, busy and fun year of my epic life in Wedding Photography! Trying to just whittle down 45 weddings worth of images to a tiny 160 frames, was one of the hardest tasks of the year! There was no real rhyme or reason behind selecting the images, other than showcasing what I love to shoot and provide for all my couples and trying to pick photos that evoke a feeling and real sense of the moment. Collating this end of year review is always one of my favourite things to do, as it resurfaces all the amazing times I shared, and fun we had!

By far, the best thing this year has brought, was the realisation of what I want to create and how I want to grow as a Kent wedding photographer. My sole aim is to create these beautiful moments and document them, before they are gone in a flash of a second. The idea is to look back in 20 years or so with your kids and be able to relive the day time and time again, making them timeless.

The stories I have witnessed this year have been truly touching and immense. Every single wedding had something different and unique, and the people were all just fantastic. A HUGE ( Literally massive! ) Thank you goes to each and every couple who hired me to shoot your wedding; many of whom have been amazing friends and cannot wait to share a beer soon! I cannot thank you all personally enough, you make this job possible and make what I do so bloody awesome! To be able to say I shoot weddings for a living is a dream!

2017 saw myself driving up and down the country every weekend, and even a beautiful trip to Italy as a Destination wedding photographer. Many, many purple palace stays ( Premier Inn! ) and a shed load of Starbucks, however the ultimate driving force was all my couples and they energy they brought!

2018 will see another busy year of weddings, with a few around the world and some close to home too. I. Cannot. Wait. Have a mega Christmas and see you all in the new year!

If you are getting married in 2018, I have very few spaces left and also taking bookings for 2019, so get in touch now so secure your date!